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Re: Sloan discography

}Here is the first attempt at a Sloan CD Discography.
}Please send me any additions or corrections.

I think a track listing on each album would help.

}HEAR & NOW '92: The Best of the East Coast's Independent Bands
}COD CAN'T HEAR:  The Halifax Independent Music Festival - 1992

I have all of these.  Note that the Hear & Now CD (which I don't
have) contains more tracks than the original cassette.  Otherwise, all are
available on CD and Cassette: anyone know about any 12" vinyl releases?

}"A Case of You" on
}BACK TO THE GARDEN: A Tribute to Joni Mitchell
}Intrepid Records
}[will add catalog # later]

Do you have this?  I have a friend who does, but he says the rest sucks
unless you're a Joni Mitchell fan, so I didn't buy it.

}"Pillow Fight" on
}Sub Pop / Cargo Records
}SP 198B

On CD and also as a set of two 7" singles, one from Halifax (Sloan, Jale)
the other from Moncton (Eric's Trip, Idee du Nord).  Julie Doiron
(Eric's Trip) gave my brother the vinyl after a gig, and there are
probably less copies available than of the CD (Dischord had several).  The
cover is also quite different from the CD.

}Singles  (here's where I need some help)
}"Take It In"
}David Geffen Company
}[American radio promo includes prev. unreleased "Rag Doll" and "Laying Blame"]

Haven't seen this one: Lucky for you :)  Did you get it from CKDU?

I'll get you details on the Underwhelmed single (b/w What's there to
Decide, Amped, Sleepover) from Britain (Geffen/BMG)

There should also be a 500 Up single to go with the video release, but I
haven't seen it.

Isn't there also a split single with Sonic Youth?  I could easily be wrong

And there's also I believe a single of Underwhelmed by itself, I'll check
with a friend who I'm pretty sure has it.

Now that Smeared is available from Columbia House, sales should
skyrocket!  (Fingers Crossed)