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Re: 500 Up

}Date: Wed, 2 Jun 93 08:21:07 PDT
}From: ub819\!/freenet.victoria.bc.ca (Brooks R. Duncan)
}>I saw the new Sloan video on MuchMusic.  I really like it -- it's very
}>simple, but seems to capture the essence of the band.  I hope it continues
}>to get airplay.
}I think it will... they play in on Much Music quite a bit actually... much
}more frequently than either of the Underwhelmed videos... I don't know if
}500 UP is in the "top 30" or anything tho... I agree.. I really like the
}video... especially when the drummer sings heh heh...

    It's neat how the camera shot is from behind the kit, and he just turns
around and starts crooning :)
    I also get a kick out of Jay Ferguson standing there idly whistling
while the rest of the band harmonizes.
    The little car is cute too:  Was this shot in NYC?  The toy car cruises
up behind a real car with NY plates in one scene.  Most of it seems to be
shot under an elevated expressway or train track, which they don't have
in Halifax :)
    Anyone seen the photo of the band in front of a Sloan's corner store
in NY?  It's in the Underwhelmed 4-song CD.  Sam's on Barrington had a big
display in the window a while back, including banner size copies of the
photo, about 2 or 3 feet wide.
    I've also got a tour poster, "Sloan: We Tour, Therefore We Are", with
a neat backstage photo of the band performing before a huge outdoor crowd
(must be the MuchMusic Canada Day Concert in St. John's Nfld., which was
very annoying because they never showed any Sloan footage in the entire 12-
hour show.  Chris Murphy told me that he doesn't even think they were
filming at the time, it was so early).
    Another bit of Sloan origin trivia, the theme from the TV show "Secret
Agent" was written by P. D. Sloan.  Don't ask where that came from :)
    BTW, there *is* a radio promo CD of just Underwhelmed, my friend has a
US copy.  I'll get catalog numbers if you want them, James.