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Sloan touring schedule

The scoop is...

	Sloan do their last American gig about a week from now.  Some
of them are heading back to Halifax for a couple of weeks, and then in
July they are heading for Europe.  They will be back in Halifax in August.

	Eric's Trip are doing an extended cross-country tour with Pond, 
so wherever you live in Canada, they should be near you soon.  If I 
remember correctly the tour lands in Halifax on July 7.

	jale filmed their first video at Cafe Ole last night.  Scott and
I were both extras in the video -- it was a lot of fun, and we met lots of
nice people, including the band.  The song for which this clip is being
made is a rerecording of "Twisted".  Apparently jale went up to New
Brunswick and recorded six songs with Rick from E'sT which will consititute
an EP on MURDERecords, and have also done some sessions at CBC, which I
believe we will hear on their next Cinnamon Toast single (this one will also
be released on indie labels in Montreal and Los Angeles).


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