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Re: weekend gigs

}Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1993 08:58:55 -0300
}From: "James R. Covey" <JRCOVEY\!/ac.dal.ca>
}Subject: weekend gigs
}Mike asked:
}>who's playing this weekend?
}Flamingo:  Messenjah, $6
}Double Deuce:  Karen Foster, Cool Blue Halo, $3
}(I think CBH open Friday and KF opens Saturday)

Sloan and Hammerbox play the Opera House in Toronto Saturday and guess
what:  I'm going to UofT for a conference, and my plane lands at 6pm
Saturday.  That's a long way to go to see a local band, but I just might
make the show.

P.S. I'll be gone until Thursday, so maybe you should temporarily drop me
from the list so my mail won't pile up.