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who played

>ok - so the line-up was:


bass - Tim from Bubaiskull
guitar/vocals - Matt from Leonard Conan
guitar/vocals - some guy who's not in a band whose name I forget
drums - I forget his name too but he was drummer for Les Gluetones

>Planet Earth

bass - Chris from Sloan
guitar - Patrick from Sloan
drums - whatzizname from Thrush Hermit

some rap group:  Hip Hop Groove (I believe)

>? (Laura Borealus, Chris and Pat)

Snob Shop
vocals - Laura Borealis
bass - Chris from Sloan
guitar - Matt from Leonard Conan
drums - Patrick from Sloan

>Thrush Hermit


>I think everything is out of order - 

I reordered it...

>also why didn't CBH play? They were all there...

as were most of Quahogs and jale -- I don't know

>It was a very fun gig. The guy from Chaz Rules was quite the emcee and Thrush
>Hermit were great (loved the bass player's balancing act  :)

"That guy" being Wayne MacPherson (CR is dead by the way)
and "bass player" being Ian...

>where were Jay and Andrew?

At least one of them is still in Toronto.


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