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whose who's who

>> bass - Tim from Bubaiskull                                                  
>> guitar/vocals - Matt from Leonard Conan*                                    
>> guitar/vocals - some guy who's not in a band whose name I forget
>> drums - I forget his name too but he was drummer for Les Gluetones

>*that guy was definitely not of LC (unless they changed line-ups in the
>last 2 months) I've seen him in a band - or maybe solo. No one from LC
>was onstage on saturday.
Um -- Matt definitely played both in Leonard Conan and Black Pool...
I'm not sure of the current LC lineup...
>>>Planet Earth                                           
>> drums - whatzizname from Thrush Hermit* 
>*actually it was Cliff Gibb of CBH on drums
You're quite right -- don't know why I thought that...
>> Snob Shop
>Cliff Gibb was also playing drums during their set.

You're right about that too -- but Patrick later (earlier?)
played drums while Chris was playing bass maybe for that
Hip Hop Groove thing...

>> (CR is dead by the way)

>WHAT?????!?!??!?!???? They were awesome...where did Melanie go - haven't
>seen her in ages. Did she move or something?

Melanie's in Ottawa (or is it Toronto?)...
She's heading back and Wayne might hook up with her again for something...


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