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Re: weekend gigs (Jun 19th)

}Date: 18 Jun 93 10:17:27 AST
}From: "Andrew P. Rodenhiser" <RODENHISER\!/chem1.chem.dal.ca>
}Subject: Re: weekend gigs
}Sloan and Hammerbox play the Opera House in Toronto Saturday and guess
}what:  I'm going to UofT for a conference, and my plane lands at 6pm
}Saturday.  That's a long way to go to see a local band, but I just might
}make the show.

Hi, Honey, I'm home!  :)

OK, so I didn't make the TO gig, and I'm really ashamed.  I was too damn
busy with seminars last week to get to see much of anything.  At least I
got to see Chris & Pat at the Thrush Hermit Graduation party this Saturday
at the Deuce.  More on that in the next message.

If anyone's interested,I taped a large portion of the gig on a walkman and
it's reasonably good,for a walkman-in-a-crowd bootleg.  I have Planet
Earth, Snob Shop (Including the final rap, which they called Posse
Incorporated) and all but the first two Thrush Hermit songs, due to a
technical difficulty (^#&##&*^&$ Walkman didn't start rolling when I pushed
the buttons).

I was kind of curious if anyone from the net was there, and who you were,
so if you can remember what you look like (hopefully!) and what you were
wearing (maybe) I'd like to satisfy my curiosity.  I was the big blond guy
with glasses in a red T-shirt & blue jeans sitting right at the flimsy
little bar at the front of the dance floor (not where Ian did the
tightrope walk, but on the other end), with a walkman in front of me :)