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Re: more "who played"

}Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1993 19:25:47 -0300
}From: Michael Graham <graham\!/ug.cs.dal.ca>
}Subject: more "who played"
}>> = me
}> = james
}> >ok - so the line-up was:
}> >Bronco

Good musicians who obviously met each other last week!

}> >Planet Earth
}> bass - Chris from Sloan
}> guitar - Patrick from Sloan
}> drums - whatzizname from Thrush Hermit*
}*actually it was Cliff Gibb of CBH on drums

Is he permanently with the Hermits now?  I heard that Mike Catano wouldn't
be drumming for Thrush Hermit (at least for a while) because they were
going to tour and Mike is going to still be in high school (I assume he's
a year younger than the other guys).

Does anybody know what the three songs were that they played, and who
originally played them?  I recognize "Planet Earth", and the MC said that
they'd be playing some Minor Threat, and I of course recognize the last
song ("Getaway" by Kiss).

}> some rap group:  Hip Hop Groove (I believe)

They had T-shirts, and I thought they read "Hip Pop Groove", but maybe I
had one too many Clancy's?

They had 3 vocalists, and Chris on Bass and DJ Jo Run on Drums (totally
improvisational band.  I'm really impressed with how good a funk bassist
Chris is, as I've seen him randomly play rap improvs before).

}> Snob Shop
}> vocals - Laura Borealis
}> bass - Chris from Sloan
}> guitar - Matt from Leonard Conan*  *different band
}> drums - Patrick from Sloan

Anybody sure who this guitarist was?  He looks vaguely familiar (Well, he
looks like he could be Joel Plaskett's big brother?).  And again, what
were the songs.  I know I've heard the first one before (She controls her
speed with a stick shift??).  They called the last one Posse Incorporated,
but the lyrics were all improvised by the Hip Hop Groove guys.  One of
them was introduced as Chris' cousin?  And I'm sure that Laura & Ian
didn't actually have a thing going recently :)

}> >Thrush Hermit

Boy, did they put on a great show.  They get better every time I see them,
and I really hope some record executive agrees with me.  As I said
earlier, I have most of the gig taped, and I recognized just about every
song (Especially "Shock Me", the encore.  Boy, do I love Kiss Covers :)
My bootleg actually sounds better in a lot of places than "Ammo", which is
really muddy.  "Nobody Famous" was so much better, and I wish they would
play one of those old songs sometime, I haven't heard "This One's Mine" in