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Thrush Hermit birthday gig conversation continues

>Does anybody know what the three songs were that they played, and who
>originally played them?  I recognize "Planet Earth", and the MC said that
>they'd be playing some Minor Threat, and I of course recognize the last
>song ("Getaway" by Kiss).

They were supposed to be covering the Misfits but I'm not familiar with
their music so I don't know which song was which.
"Planet Earth" was done by Duran Duran but I don't know if it's original
with them.

>> guitar - Matt from Leonard Conan*  *different band

>Anybody sure who this guitarist was?  He looks vaguely familiar (Well, he
>looks like he could be Joel Plaskett's big brother?).  

Yes!  I'm *sure* that it was Matt Murphy.
He has definitely played in both LC and Black Pool.

>And again, what
>were the songs.  I know I've heard the first one before (She controls her
>speed with a stick shift??).  

They might be original -- Laura writes songs for Snob Shop.
I haven't heard them before.

>They called the last one Posse Incorporated,
>but the lyrics were all improvised by the Hip Hop Groove guys.  One of
>them was introduced as Chris' cousin?  And I'm sure that Laura & Ian
>didn't actually have a thing going recently :)

Well, Laura *used* to go with Chris from Sloan (Matt's brother?).


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