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Re: weekend gigs (Jun 19th)

}From:   Michael Graham <graham\!/ug.cs.dal.ca>
}To: RODENHISER\!/chem1.chem.dal.ca
}Subject: Re: weekend gigs (Jun 19th)
}Date:   Mon, 28 Jun 1993 21:22:42 -0300
}I saw you there - I was also sitting at the bar - last chair before the bend.
}I was more than a little drunk....did anyone care that you were taping the
}show? I've taped Bubaiskull, jale and hmm - who else? at the deuce and I am
}always paranoid that someone will take my walkman and barr me from ever going
}to the deuce again.

Were you the guy with short wavy blond hair who asked me about the Foreman
fight, or the one with long dark hair which you probably tie back
sometimes but didn't that night?  This is getting more confusing, maybe I
should have just introduced myself to random people to see if I hit the
right ones. :)

}I have a nice corded mike, so i can conceal the walkman well - but do they

Well, it wasn't my walkman: I went with my brother and two of his freinds,
all of whom are underage, and one of the friends brought the walkman.
But, since he didn't have a good tape, I brought a chrome, and I get to
keep the master copy :).

The walkman was a Yorx (ugh!) with the headphones as mikes, which work
better than the built in mono condenser mic.  I was impressed with the
sound: You need to add lots of bass, but it's pretty clear.

As to whether anybody cares, the thing was sitting right on the bar in
plain sight, so if they cared they would certainly have seen it.  My
friend who owns the walkman talked to Chris about bringing a Camcorder
next time, and Chris didn't care in the least.  You might see me at
the Eric's Trip gig this weekend filming!

Anyway, nice to meet you, however indirectly :)  So what are you up to at
Dal?  Having an ug.cs. account, I've learned, does not neccessarily mean
you're a Computer Science student, whereas a chem1.chem. account (at least
one that has E-mail access) is a definite giveaway.  I'm starting my 8th
year here, currently doing my MSc.  I worked from '86 to '92 in the SUB
games room, so if you're any kind of a video game addict, I've probably
met you.  In fact, that was where I first met Patrick Pentland!