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list trivia

>How many people are on this list now, and who is "gen4114\!/husky1", since I
>have so far only seen postings from you, James (and the one about Nirvana
>elevator music... sounds interesting... NOT!).

So far there are 19 members, which is excellent for a 3-week-old
list.  I expect that we could see that shoot up much higher this
September when people return to school.  In the meantime we can 
build a list core, get lyrics and discographies on line, etc...

gen4114 is Scott Schuman, with whom I co-manage this list.
Scott is a student at Saint Mary's, where he is just finishing
his English degree and starting in on computer science.
Since he will be there for the next few years, his account
is going to be around longer than mine (I graduate from 
Dal with my MA in October or February).  He also has no
CPU usage limit as I do, which is why I suggested to him
that we run it from his account rather than mine...


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