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Re: OtherWhelmed

}Date: Fri, 28 May 1993 11:16:16 -0300
}From: "James R. Covey" <JRCOVEY\!/ac.dal.ca>
}Subject: OtherWhelmed
}>P.S. in your Discography, did you miss Underwhelmed, the original, on the
}>CKDU Hear & Now compilation?  It is different from the Smeared version.
}I was under the impression that it is the same version that is on
}"peppermint".  Is that not the case?

Well, I may be wrong, but I thought it was different.  It's the same
arrangement as on Peppermint, as opposed to the new arrangement on Smeared
(sorry if my previous post was misleading on that point).  But I believe
that Hear & Now was recorded long before the Peppermint sessions, so in
fact it's a different recording.

How many people are on this list now, and who is "gen4114\!/husky1", since I
have so far only seen postings from you, James (and the one about Nirvana
elevator music... sounds interesting... NOT!).