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Re: "Underwhelmed"

}Date: Thu, 27 May 1993 23:09:43 -0300
}From: "James R. Covey" <JRCOVEY\!/ac.dal.ca>
}Subject: "Underwhelmed"
}>}    Supposedly there is a European "Underwhelmed" CD single with
}>}two new Sloan songs on it that will be marketed in Canada by Cargo
}>}Records.  Has anyone seen this?
}>Not only seen, but have (Well, OK, my kid brother owns it)!  Isn't this the
}>one with "Amped" and "Sleepover" that's available at Sam's on Barrington
}>St. (Halifax) (or at least was...)?  I'll have to double check my CD rack
}>at home.

P.S. There's also "What's There To Decide", album version, so a total of
four songs.

}That is the one -- but I never saw it there and the guys there today
}said that they had never seen it -- gonna try again at a different
}time of day maybe...

They used to have it, but I think it sold pretty quickly.  Last time I was
in it was still listed above the Import rack, but there were no copies
left.  The number, for those interested, is GCSTD 62 (I neglected to write
it down, so I hope tht's correct from memory) on Geffen Records, from the

}>Anyone interested in Sloan on 8-track?  My brother has compiled about 100
}>minutes of material and wants to give a copy to the band.
}You mean live?

Unfortunately not.  The only live stuff would be Underwhelmed from the
Ralph Benmergui show and Rag Doll from Cod Can't Hear.  If I had
connections, I'd love to get some live stuff.  It would, however, include
stuff like Case of You (The Joni Mitchell song), the above mentioned B-
sides, and as much as possible of Smeared and Peppermint.  It's just a
compilation for the hell of it, because we think 8-tracks are cool.

P.S. in your Discography, did you miss Underwhelmed, the original, on the
CKDU Hear & Now compilation?  It is different from the Smeared version.