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Favourite Sloan Live Gig

I try to see them every time I can, but my favourite gig has to be at
Camaro's Cafe (The former Glubes furniture store on Gottingen), Dec. 19,
1992 (if my memory serves correctly), which was filmed by (ATV, I believe)
although only a short snippet was played on the news that week.  Jay's
guitar was screwed up at the start of the show so to kill time (and on a
suggestion from the crowd to "Warm it up, Chris" as in the Kriss Kross
song) the guys did an extended rap version of "Left of Center".  The crowd
was hopping (literally and figuratively)!  The pit was wild all night long,
and went really nuts when they closed with their cover of Bad Brains'
"Right Brigade".  Wish I could get a copy, audio or video, of that!

The only thing that was missing was the cover of Kiss' "Love Her All I
Can", a song I miss from the old days.  Jay apparently hates Kiss, so
they won't do it any more.  I love the fact that in the new "500 Up" video
Chris has a Rock & Roll Over sticker on his new bass, to replace the white
one with the Destroyer sticker on it that was stolen in Seattle a few
months ago.  And he makes a point of showing it to the camera.  Very cool!