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Re: Sloan "Underwhelmed" import CD single

}Date: Thu, 27 May 1993 12:26:57 -0300
}From: "James R. Covey" <JRCOVEY\!/ac.dal.ca>
}Subject: Sloan "Underwhelmed" import CD single
}    Supposedly there is a European "Underwhelmed" CD single with
}two new Sloan songs on it that will be marketed in Canada by Cargo
}Records.  Has anyone seen this?

Not only seen, but have (Well, OK, my kid brother owns it)!  Isn't this the
one with "Amped" and "Sleepover" that's available at Sam's on Barrington
St. (Halifax) (or at least was...)?  I'll have to double check my CD rack
at home.

Anyone interested in Sloan on 8-track?  My brother has compiled about 100
minutes of material and wants to give a copy to the band.

Anyone know the guys well?

Any chance one of the bandmembers will read this list?