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>When SLOAN did their gig at Vancouver awhile back, they mentioned an extra 
>song on the "B" side of Smeared (if I'm not mistaken) and they said that it's
>unlikely that we'd heard it before because it was only released in Europe.

Hmm -- maybe they meant "Underwhelmed"...

>Actually, I think they played about 3 or 4 songs that I hadn't heard before...
>possibly testing out some of the songs they're working on for a new album 

Well, *Smeared* is not the only Sloan music out there.
There are three unSmeared songs and a psychadelic version
of "Underwhelmed" on the "peppermint ep".
Then there is the cover of "A Case Of You" that they
contributed to *Back to the Garden: A Tribute to Joni Mitchell*.
Then there is "Pillow Fight" on *Never Mind the Molluscs*.
And there is "Ragdoll" on *Cod Can't Hear* ...
I don't expect to see any of these songs on their next album,
they've all received wide exposure already...

>BTW, are there lyrics for "Smeared" floating around somewhere??

I asked them in a letter how I can get hold of them.
They've been good about answering my mail in the past.
As soon as I have them they will be posted here.


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