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review: Bubaiskull *Driveby Suicide*


	Bubaiskull's second EP cassette is a minor work of art.  
The album consists of 4 characteristic rockers featuring lead
vox by Chris Logan and a power ballad, "The Hum", sung by 
Allison Outhit.  "Heebie Jeebie" features some interesting
autobiographica from Chris Logan:  "My friends ask why I'm such
a lucky guy / I guess I can't complain / I'm six feet high / 
I ain't afraid to die / I'm probably not insane."

	I think my favorite of the 4 rockers is "Joy", the
entire lyrical content of which runs "Joy.  All over."
But ironically, the best song on the tape is "The Hum".
Allison's vocal syncopation will lock itself inside your
head and stick there -- the tune is one of the catchiest
I've heard from anybody in a while...

	Produced by, who else, Terry (Sloanproducer) Pulliam
at, where else, Soundmarket.  Another excellent representation
of the Halifax scene.

1) Heebie Jeebie 3:46
2) Dog Head      2:51
3) The Hum       4:11
4) Snake Oil     2:49
5) Joy           3:48


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