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Re: maritime bands

}Date:          Sun, 18 Apr 1993 23:07:07 -0300 (ADT)
}From:          FPOIRIER\!/mta.ca
}Subject:       maritime bands
}To:            RODENHISER\!/chem1.chem.dal.ca

}    Hey!  I think Loreen did leave.  You're right, she should
}get account.  When I read your post i was monitoring a Sociology
}exam, which Loreen was writing.  So, naturally i had to tell her.
}Yup, sure is a small world.

    You get to monitor exams at a terminal!  Sounds great!  I worked a
four hour Sunday shift at our Chemistry Resource Centre where I would
spend most of the time reading NEWS, as long as nobody needed any help.
    I hope you waited 'til she was done her exam!

}    I'm the music director here at CHMA, so it's kinda my job
}to know what's going on in the music biz and it's atounding how
}much is happening here in the Atlantic provinces (can't forget

Certainly not: I saw Hardship Post, Bung and Potbelly at an East Coast
Music Awards Showcase on Feb. 14th and they were all quite impressive.
Also appearing were Eric's Trip, Idee Du Nord and Thrush Hermit, all of
whom were just as good.  Unfortunately, the NS liquor laws are so stupid
that my 17-year-old brother and his friend had to leave the show before it
was over, despite having paid a cover charge.

I'm from Moncton so i've known of Eric's Trip for a
}while.  In my opinion, they've yet to live up to all the hype.
}They've worked hard to be where they are, but very little of
}their music, except for a song or two, has impressed me.

    I agree!  I first saw them in October and thought they were OK, but my
kid brother Adam went nuts on them, bought their their numbered vinyl 7",
got it autographed, took photos (It was at a Sloan gig, where he had come
prepared for autographs and photos from them).  I didn't really like the
vinyl, mainly due to the sound quality.

}They just seem to riding the latest wave, which i feel will be
}crashing on shore pretty soon now.  I could be wrong though, who
}knows.  They seem to be everywhere these days.  They've just
}put out 'Peter' on Sloan's Murder Records, a song of theirs is
}on an MCA comp., two songs appear on 'Never Mind the Molluscs'
}, which also features idee du nord and sloan.

    Yes, I have both (or, rather, Adam does).  They played in Halifax two
weeks ago, and Adam bought Peter on the way to the show.  I find the sound
is pretty bad (it was recorded on 4-track in Rick's basement) but I like
some of it, especially "Happens All the Time.  After the gig, Julie Doiron
*gave* him and his friend the limited edition vinyl copies of Molluscs.
The cover is different from the cd.  There's one song each by jale, sloan,
idee du nord and eric's trip.  Is yours different?  You said there were
two Eric's Trip songs?

  As well, Eric's
}Trip will soon be releasing the first album of their four
}album deal with Subpop.  Phew!  Very impressive for a group
}from Moncton.  Now, i just hope they don't fizzle out and
}start putting out good tunes.

    Yes, the hype around here is pretty interesting, I just hope it's the
best bands that profit from it.  I'm desperately waiting for someone to
produce Thrush Hermit.  Their first album is in the can and waiting for a
contract.  If the only song you've heard is "Young & the Groomed" you're
missing out.  They probably haven't played that since that day when it was

}    Loreen passed me Cool Blue Halo's cassette.  Now, they
}impressed me.  We've got them on the chart here and I'll mailing
}them a copy soon.  I see that Hal Harbor's managing the band and he
}knows his stuff.  They've got excellent tunes.

    Yes, Doug Barron is experienced and loves the Atlantic Provinces, and
I think he's a real asset to the local scene, almost as much as Peter
Rowan who backs sloan.  I also wish Hal was still at Q-104 so that they
would play some decent music!  But, I think he's more useful behind the

}    We're also playing Jale alot.  In fact, we've got 'Cod
}Can't Here', (a live cd chock full of Haligonian groups),
}propped up there in the studio where the programmers can see it.
}It's in medium rotation.  All in all it should be an interesting
}summer around here.

    Excellent cd!  Can't say more about it than that.  Shows off the
variety of the scene without going out into the traditional, folksy music
that's drawing just as much interest around here.  Better than Hear and
Now, the CKDU album that had rap, folk and sampled music as well.  I'd
still recommend it, if you don't already have it.  The cd has six bonus
tracks, but I bought the tape when it first came out (the cd was
issued about 6 months later).  Includes the original Underwhelmed, for a
total of three available versions.

}    Good luck on your exam.  I've still got four papers to
}write and i'm remarkably still calm about it.  I've got a
}friend there at Dal.  His name is Graham Touchie.  Do you
}know him?  Ok, that's it for now.  Nice chatting with ya

    In fact, I should be studying right now!  Don't know your friend, Iv'e
been here seven years but remarkably, I still don't know everybody.  The
world just got slightly larger again...

I'll have to discuss all this with Loreen soon.  If anything interesting
comes up in the scene, or you want an inside line on another cool band,
drop me a line.